Smart Farming in Viticulture

Stafilos is a project financed by Sub-Measure 16.1-16.2 “Establishment and operation of Operational Groups of the European Innovation Partnership for agricultural productivity and sustainability”, in the context of Action 2 “Implementation of the operational plan (project) of the operational groups for agricultural productivity and sustainability” (Project Code: M16SYN2-00333). This specific action is implemented within the framework of the Rural Development Programme (RDP) of Greece 2014-2020 co-financed by the European Union – European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

Main purpose of the project

Design and development of a smart farming system using cutting-edge technologies

In the framework of the Stafilos project, a set of information will be used in innovative smart farming applications. The data that will arise, mainly from the installation of telemetric stations and field recordings/monitoring, will lead to the development of specialized models for the optimal management of the vineyard.

Support service available to cooperative agronomists and producers

Through the integrated models that will be developed for weather forecasting, rational irrigation and the optimization of fertilization and plant protection, the provision of expert advice for the management of inputs and cultivation practices in vineyards will be supported, considering the particular characteristics of each region and variety.

Reduction of production costs and improvement of grape quality

The rational management of inputs (i.e., pesticides, fertilizers, and water) aims to reduce the cost of growing both table and wine grapes. At the same time, it aims to improve its quality characteristics, by minimizing pesticide residues, but also to reduce the environmental footprint of the crop. In this way, product competitiveness can be enhanced at the national and international level.

ΕΣΠΑ 2014-2020
Co-funded by Greece and the European Union
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